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Pink Japanese Tiger Thermal Lunch Jar Bento Box Small

Pink Japanese Tiger Thermal Lunch Jar Bento Box Small

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Small Size Tiger Thermal Lunch Jar:

* Made in Japan
* Stainless steel lunch jar with vacuum main bowl, side bowls and chopsticks with case
* Easy-to-carry bag.
* Washable vacuum main bowl
* Inner bowls are all Microwavable
* All Two Bowls fits into the Stainless Steel Lunch Jar

Main Bowl Holds 10.8 oz.
Side Bowl Holds 7.1 oz.
Heat Retention: 122?F @ 6 hrs.
Color: Pink
Dimension: 4in Dia x 6in H.

Lunch jars provide an excellent way to safely and conveniently pack lunch (or a snack) where a microwave or a refrigerator may not be available. Simply fill the plastic inner bowls with rice and soup, or cottage cheese and fruit (always pack all hot or all cold items), and place them in the stainless steel outer container. The vacuum insulation keeps the contents hot or cold for up to 6 hours.

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